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Orth Sculpture

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Arkansas (AR)
United States

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St. Paul's Episcopal Cross - Louisville, KY
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bronze & graphics

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Seabury Western Chapel Furnishings
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Processional Cross
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walnut, gold leaf, enamel

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  • Artist
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  • Sculpture
  • Liturgical art - installation
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David Orth is a lifetime artist, craftsman, perpetual student, and occasional teacher. He works with wood and metal to make both functional & meaningful objects for people & communities. He is particularly interested in revitalized liturgical art - operating in the rich space between raw materials, spiritual awakening, & social connection.

David ventures deep and wide during his design process. Iconography and liturgical furnishings, just like people, continually evolve with new understanding and fresh expression - not to be different or even eye-catching, but because the deepest, most ancient wells of Divine energy are always flowing with fresh water. Liturgical design (as does all art) lives in a paradox: on the one hand expert skill & understanding - and on the other, the humility and curiosity to "start over at the beginning" each and every time.

Orth has two degrees in philosophy, has taught in the art & architecture departments of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and continues to share his craft and thoughts in multiple venues. He recently moved his home & studio from the Chicago area to the Ozark hills of Northwestern Arkansas.

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Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas
St. Paul's - Fayetteville
Church Name
St. Paul's Episcopal Church

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Liturgical furnishings in wood, steel, & bronze. Altars. Processional crosses. Pectoral crosses. Lecterns. Fonts. Modern-primitive styling. Layered, multi-cultural design process.

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