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Even The Stones Will Cry Out!
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Assemblage Art/Found Object Shadow Box 16” x 19 x 14”

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The Least of These
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Found Object Assemblage in response to the internment of refugee children, separated from parents, held in cages at US southern borders.

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Stop The Hate!
Description No.3
Response to rally of white nationalists & supremacists, Charlottesville, VA in 2017.

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I am a wife, a mom, a grandmother, and a spiritual being having random earthly and spiritual experiences.
Having tried different mediums in art, I most enjoy using unique, eclectic objects, working together in an expression, or thought, that evokes emotion, and a sense of "Ah-Ha!". Much of my assemblage art takes a light-hearted look at things or events, but many pieces offer a deeper, reflective view of the spiritual and our journey with God.

I am involved in the Arts Ministry at Christ Church, Delavan, as artist and curator of our yearly "Art as Prayer Show", held during Lent each year. Also as a contributing artist to "Art in the Narthex" at Christ Church, showing art reflecting on the Church Seasons or lessons of the current times.

A member, since 2015, of Gallery 223, Geneva Lake Arts Foundation 223 Broad St., Lake Geneva, WI.

Retired in Sept. 2017 as Parish Administrator/Treasurer/Bookkeeper at Christ Church, Delavan, WI where I worked part time for 34+ years.
Involved as a volunteer in Children's Ministry, and a fellow sojourner on the journey with Jesus.

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Christ Episcopal Church, Delavan, WI
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Christ Episcopal Church of Delavan, WI

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Most of my work is "Assemblage Art", a three-dimensional artistic composition made from found objects.

Using found objects from old, rusty, sometimes broken things; to bits, pieces & parts of other things, I enjoy the recycling of what some would see as usless objects. I love using unique, eclectic objects, working together to form an expression, or thought, that evokes emotion, and a sense of "ah-ha!"

Much of my art is spiritual, motivated by events happening in the world, some take a light-hearted, whimsical look at things, but the majority offers a deep,
reflective view of God, of life, and our part in it.

Many are used as interactive prayer meditations in a prayer chapel or used as prayer stations for events or workshops. Please feel free to contact me about the possibility of bringing them to your worship space or event.

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