The Power of Creating a Series of Artwork

  • 01 Mar 2023
  • 20 Mar 2023
  • Online Exhibition, Entries Accepted Mar 1-20, 2023


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The Power of Creating a Series of Artwork

Jeanne Harris Weaver, Curator

ECVA is proud to announce its next exhibition to appear in April 2023. We are asking artists to submit a series of cohesive pieces of art with a total of five to seven works.

The image above is a series of five boats which Jeanne Weaver, the Curator, observed while living for a short period of time in Bangladesh. The series of five is part of a larger series called “Living in Bangladesh”.

First, what is a series? It is not a triptych or a polyptych. Both are fine but their purpose is not the same as a series of artwork.

A series tugs at your heart. Inspiration and passion are essential if it is to be powerful. And a series must be powerful. It must be something so meaningful to you that you are willing to spend the time and inner energy to create it. It must communicate your passion to the viewer. You are doing work for God’s Glory. The subject matter is countless.

A series is a cohesive body of work for which each piece has common threads which connect all the pieces together. Those common threads may take place in many different ways: palette, size, shape, subject, composition, theme or subject matter, subject created in different mediums, and presentation. A series consists of at least 5 pieces of work.

A few other examples of art series would be Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup or Jackie Kennedy; Monet’s Haystack series; Rouen Cathedral showing the difference in the light; Degas’ Ballerinas; or Jacob Lawrence’s 60 panels Migration Series. In addition there are many series of the Stations of the Cross and other Christian events or topics.

Image above: Paintings by Jeanne Harris Weaver

Event and Submission Information

Virtual Reception: The exhibit will be online in early April with a virtual reception. Date to be announced.

Current members of The ECVA Artist Registry are invited to submit images of works in 2D, 3D, film and video.

Please submit a series of 5 to 7 pieces of work.

Submit your entries to:

Please submit entries between March 1, 2023 and March 20, 2023.

2 Chronicles: 2-4 · Romans 12: 1-8 · Psalm 139: 1-18

Event Curator: Jeanne Harris Weaver.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have. I would be happy to work with you in any way needed.

I look forward to your entries and hope you find this exhibit a rewarding experience and pleasing to our Almighty God.
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